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Vince Vigorito, owner of the Long Island, N. They need to determine the return on the investment that they want, and then figure in expenses, the cost of the discount and profit margins. They need to consider the frequency and the volume of the offer. If a roofing company sends out a coupon once to 10, homes, that is probably not going to work. If they are going to do something like that, I encourage them to wait another month or two and make more of a commitment. Business News Daily was founded in as a resource for small business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

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I need to learn to garden, even though my backyard is very small we live in a town house. We have huge trees so I need to research what will grow in shady conditions I learned last year the hard way that tomatoes are not in that catagory.

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A pop-tart for breakfast once in a blue moon is not the end of the world. The important part is that we are trying to find the best solutions that work for us. Country Heart — you are already doing really well, so pat yourself on the back! I know a lot of people who have miles to go to get where you are now.

I also eat Cheerios and Kashi, and they are pretty good choices. But if you really want to save money, try making cooked oatmeal a few times a week. I like to add a tablespoon of peanut butter or soy butter to it to ramp up the protein and good fats, both of which will keep me feeling full longer. Look for the one without the hydrogenated oil.

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I agree that raw milk is best, but it is not available at all in my state. The yolks are rich and luscious, and the eggs are so fresh they stand up and salute. Again from my reading, I understand that eggs raised this way have a healthier fat profile than factory farm eggs. More of the good fats and less of the bad. I count eggs as a healthy go-to food. They all tell me they use organic growing methods, and I choose to believe them.

Budgeting Groceries Part 1 – Truth About Extreme Couponing

Hey, if you are going to eat meat, you should get used to the fact that a real animal made that possible, and honor them by not pretending otherwise. And these pigs are raised so much more humanely than any factory farmed pig. I know that their lives are much, much better on this farm. And, again, the lipid fat profile for the pork, beef, lamb, and chicken that we get from our local farmers is much healthier than the meats we get at the supermarket.

So when we do eat red meat at least it is a better choice. To save money on this, and to save calories, we have cut our portions back. No more do we buy an entire strip steak for each of us. One steak, and we share. Portions are about 3 oz for me and around for my husband. Thomas Jefferson said that meat should be a condiment. There are some pastas that have extra protein or fiber — try some and see if there are any that you like the texture in some is really different.

Couscous is also a type of pasta, and made with white flour. Whole wheat couscous is available in some places. Or do the shopping! How is he with salad-making? How about laundry and dusting? Grocery list — this is where you can make a big impact on your budget and your time. Either eat them for lunches, freeze them for later, or incorporate them into another dinner.

Full Time Couponer Saves Over $600 On Organic Food - Extreme Couponing

Once you have your menu planned you can start on your grocery list, beginning with the items you will need for the planned meals. Then put down the other things you always need — milk, bread, butter, eggs, lunch items, fruit for snacks, etc. Check on your pantry staples like oils, vinegars, flour, spices, etc. Fish — wild caught is best. Farmed fish has many of the same problems as feedlot land animals.

They are generally raised in overcrowded conditions in water that is less than clean. Fish oils are great for us so any oily fish is good. No need to buy a whole fish or to feel you need to run out with a net. But I do have some. My dog ate all our plants as well, including the daffodils and tulips. Let me know if you have more questions, and good luck! I knew I should have picked that breadmaker up last year when I saw it! We rotate our breakfast of eating cheerios, Kashi cereal, a banana and almost an egg everyday which I buy the cheapest as more studies showed that the eggs in the supermarket are just selling you a scam 9 times out of The one egg I have heard of is Milo eggs.

I figure that has to be better then buying fast food and eating redmeat. Meat is so expensive and my husband is stubborn about lightning up on the meat consumption.

I get my bread for 1. We eat Stonyfield Organic yogurt or Chobani with Kashi bars almost every day during workdays. Our veggies are lacking but we do eat Organic Broccoli and Green beans i get from Costco frozen. Dinners: I notice too many carbs in them lately and I bought Spaghetti sauce in bulk when it was on sale.

They both carry a brand with ingredients I can prounounce.

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We eat alot of whole chickens in soups or baked with my homemade bbq sauce of Organic kethup tastes better and Molasses with honeymustard. I use Couscous with meat and veggies and Brown rice in soups and as a side dish. On my husband: I love him ever so much but the man.. I told him I wanted to incorporate fresher healthier eating back into our diet and as before he just kind of laughed it off. We were eating very healthy for awhile. He constantly uses high heat and he does not exactly take the time to follow recipes or directions very well.

I have written down every price of every item we buy regularly and the ounces in hopes of reducing our food bill over time. I can give him a list and its not always bought correctly so it ends up being more or the wrong items. He loves the stuff. I apologize for being a little rough yesterday.