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Spricht dich etwas an? Habt ihr diese Badekugel bereits getestet? Momentan bin ich ein wenig demotiviert was Instagram angeht. Ich habe es jetzt getestet und kann es euch empfehlen. Ich mag sie sehr gerne, besonders die Paris, da sich die Farben in meiner "Komfortzone" befinden und sie sehr alltagstauglich ist. Mit dem neuen Sortiment sind auch neue City-Paletten erschienen, von denen ich ein paar sehr ansprechend finde.

Habt ihr bei den neuen Paletten schon zugeschlagen oder interessiert euch vielleicht eine Palette ganz besonders?

Deswegen gibt es heute wieder einen schnellen Post von mir. Ich habe sie noch nicht ausprobiert. Benutze aber auch selten Highlighter!

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Kennt ihr sie? Wenn ja, wie findet ihr sie? Unbeauftragte und unbezahlte Werbung, selbst gekauft Nur noch heute dann ist erst mal wieder zwei Tage Ruhe.

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Es ist Ende Oktober und es sind immer noch Wespen unterwegs.. Hier die viel geliebte infallible fpunsation von lorealgermany. Irgendwie ist sie bei mir aber fallible. Erstens kann ich keine Farbe finden die mir genau passt. Also ist diese hier ein bisschen zu dunkel.

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Farbe Rose Beige. Habt ihr sie schon mal benutzt oder ausprobiert? Preis: ca. I really like the EtudeHouse sheet masks and this one is no exception. It feels nice and moisturizing and my skin feels soothed after using it. Und ihr? Schon in Weihnachtsstimmung? Habt ihr das schon entdeckt? Ich selber habe ebenfalls trockene Haut und komme mit der von lorealmakeup am besten klar! Eine Foundation, die bei meiner Haut gut funktioniert, muss bei euch nicht auch gut funktionieren! Habt ihr auch trockene Haut? Wie oft peelt ihr eure Haut? Von der lieben elosign hatte ich in einem Tauschpaket, einen eosproducts Lippenpflege Produkt!

Womit pflegt ihr am liebsten eure Lippen? I guess I sound like a real mom haha.

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If someone of you wants to adopt a dog or if you know someone who thinks about adopting, please adopt one from the shelter. So many animals are living in shelters and when they get a chance to be rescued they will thank you for that every single day. Here is the link of the shelter and the dogs you can adopt:. These days I am asking myself a lot more than before where humanity have been. Still so many people especially kids are dying from hunger even though we have too much food to consume.

Not to forget to mention racism.. Instead of going forward the majority goes backwards and people forget where they were coming from, that we are all the same. While thinking about how to express myself to give you a better understanding how I feel right now I am totally upsad and I am getting a headache. I want to change that! I want to do something! But what exactly? I recently read a post of a friend of mine which sums up exactly what I have in mind:. And in fact, that one time, my family was not okay and is still suffering the loss of a very young soul.

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Guess, in a weird way, I am like one of those non-Jewish ladies in far away countries that have only heard rumors about the atrocities done to Jews by Nazis in Europe, who only temporarily stop to think about it but then merrily go about their daily responsibilities… while Jewish people still got stripped off of their dignity, freedom and lives. That money is the religion and a high profit margin the holy grail.

All at the expense of human lives, the economy, the quality of life in third world countries whose prosperity and independency is halted by the greed of oligarchs, the stability of our climate and at long last, our own happiness, fulfillment and safety. But I will also remember it as the year where for the first time, I started shifting my in actions from liking and sharing Facebook posts about unfairness and the things that infuriate me, to more proactive acts. Society has clearly outgrown the current system and the old guys on top and their interests do no longer fit the general consensus.

Even the smallest of steps help. The only thing holding us back is blissful ignorance, a disconnection to our innate needs and emotional lethargy. After 6 PM was founded this summer to inform foreigners, who live in South Korea, about Korean cosmetic products and latest Korean beauty trends. Their goal is to gather foreigners together who are going to act as representers from their country. Additionally the founders wanted to create a secure plattform of information to give companies a proper feedback of their items and help foreigners who can get lost easily in the Korean beauty jungle to get reliable reviews.

Moreover visitors get the chance not to learn only about trends but also make-up techniques. I personally really liked the tutorial because Christmas is around the corner and I am pretty sure that lots of girls still had no clue how their Christmas -look should look like. Afterwards she picked two girls and upgraded their make-up routine a bit and answered questions.

If you are interessted in getting to know them better click here:. Not only delicious food was provided but also raffles, a make-up tester room and free Korean cosmetic products. You had the chance to win lip tints, facial soaps, masks, makeup cushions, nail stickers as well as coupon for a meal by Fresh-Easy. I feel like Santa has already stopped by.

I guess I was a good girl in haha. However, people got their food and drinks so the atmosphere was perfect to get to know the other attenders at the party. I met some cute girls and we enjoyed talking about make-up, plans for , what each of us is doing in Seoul etc. Since Christmas is around the corner I prepared a give-away event for you guys.

This is what you have to do:. Share the link of my blog and tell me the E-Mail adress you used to suscribe on my blog. Tag me on your post so I can see that you are qualified to attend this event. I wish you guys a merry Christmas and I hope that this season brings all the joy it can bring to you and your family.

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  7. I was always sceptical when it comes to stuff which helps you to make your make -up more longlasting. I always thought that this is for people with normal or dry skin — so not made for me. Since the reviews were so good I felt like I had to give it a try. My skin is really one of a kind haha.. Finding cosmetic products which are a good fit is almost a mission impossible because my face tends to oil like crazy or to dry out like crazy hence my face starts to produce more oil..

    Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place — even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts all day or all night. In a 7-day clinical study:. Beware of imitations! While I was checkig the ingridients I wondered what exactly lowers the temperature of my make-up or what makes my make-up long lasting as well as preventing me from gettin fine lines.

    And yes- it helps you to keep everything in place. I feel like the microfine mist creates a barrier so the make-up can stay in place BUT under this barrier my skin feels super oily. Not to forget to mention, I need at least 3 to 4 layers of the setting spray. Urban Decay provides a setting spray especially made for oily skin but I made the experience that my face tends to produce more oil when I use any products which are supposed to regulate it. After my face absorbed my facial cream I spray the 1st layer. When it is dried I tap invisible powder on face to set the first layer.