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The small size is going to be pocket-friendly, bag-friendly, and easier on your thumbs and fingers too. Still, it should get you through a long flight or road trip. All the usual reasons why you might need a separate communications device to your main phone—traveling across high-risk areas, working in any kind of activism, and so on—are reasons to think about getting an iPod Touch for some of your most private chats.

Our smartphones can do just about anything now, but should they? The iPod Touch only connects to the web via wifi, so keep it at home in the living room as the ultimate remote control—control your smart lights, beam music to your HomePod, operate your Apple TV, queue up a Sonos playlist and so on.

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It means your actual phone can breathe a little easier without hundreds of responsibilities. A shared device can also help families who all need access to the same smart home gadgets. That faster A10 Fusion chip that Apple has fitted here should handle games just fine, and it gives the iPod Touch the power it needs for AR experiences too including Minecraft Earth.

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It's no wonder the iPod touch is a big hit. It's got a roomy touchscreen, amazing apps, a full-featured web experience, and great looks. There's no easy way to get a cheap iPod touch, but it's possible to get a good deal if you know what to do.

Apple tightly controls the price of the iPod touch and all other iPods, too. Popular products can usually command higher prices, and because the iPod is so popular, you'll almost never see iPods go on sale.

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If you're looking for a cheap iPod touch, don't wait for a sale. You'll be waiting forever. Apple will occasionally discount iPods around the holiday season, but you'll be very lucky to save 20 percent — and 10 percent might be more realistic. You can always save a few dollars and sometimes a lot more by buying an older model.

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Retailers will still have the older models on hand and they usually discount prices on old models to clear space for the new ones. The display on the iPhone SE Hulu vs. Amazon vs.

iPod Touch 7th generation: Apple just upgraded its long-forgotten music player

While the iPod touch offers nits of brightness, comparably priced phones shine brighter. The iPod touch's 4-inch screen is super responsive, with smooth scrolling and accurate text selection. To nobody's surprise, Apple's 3D Touch technology, which is falling out of favor, is nowhere to be seen on this latest iPod touch. The iPod touch produces a surprisingly moderate amount of volume for such a small device. I listened to Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" which feels about as retro as the iPod touch itself on the MP3 player's single speaker, and I was moderately impressed by how sweet the vocals sounded and how percussive instruments came through clearly.

I found the bass lacking, coming through more with a slight distortion and not much thump.

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The result is decent performance, especially considering the iPod touch's price. The processor upgrade means the iPod touch can support two new features out of reach of previous iPods: augmented reality apps and Group FaceTime. Both additions work relatively well. But the virtual game board in Star Wars: Jedi Challenges was hard to navigate with such a small screen, as interactions depend on hovering over characters and tapping squares.

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Stick close to a charger if you opt for the iPod touch. In our battery test, which involves continuous web surfing until fully charged devices run out of power, the latest iPod touch conked out at 4 hours, 52 minutes. We ran the test over Wi-Fi instead of LTE, since that's the only network connection available to touch.

A low price doesn't mean you have to compromise on battery life. The iPhone 7 and iPhone SE didn't do as well, but they still lasted longer than the iPod touch. This short battery life can be explained by the historically smaller battery the iPod touch has had compared to iPhones.